Welcome to 2016!

As 2015 drew to a close, I anticipated fireworks.  Seriously, I expected something on par or less than what occurred in our neighborhood for the Fourth of July.  Once again, I want to reiterate I like fireworks.  I do.  I think they are beautiful to look at and can be enjoyable.  On December 31st though, they were not enjoyable for me in the slightest.

Neighbors of all sorts went all out and it seems quite a few bought the biggest (and loudest) fireworks they could find.  This time as well, we had neighbors launching fireworks at the end of the shared driveway.  With the exception of our old neighbor who moved a few months ago, the people that live near us do not know I served in Iraq or that I lived on a base that was frequently mortared for the duration of that seven month tour.  The fireworks they find enjoyable, in such close proximity, cause me a great deal of anxiety.  I like my fireworks safely from a substantial distance.

The festivities my neighbors (and those in the neighborhood over, it seemed) enjoyed lasted approximately from 9pm until 12:20 am.  The noise was unbearable for me and when I did manage to fall asleep sometime before eleven, I was startled awake around  eleven-thirty.  The evening was like having seven months of being mortared cramped into almost four and a half hours.  

Miserable does not aptly describe what New Year’s Eve felt like for me.  There are only a few people close to me that probably understand what I’m talking about here. (For those that have not lived through mortar attacks, I am sure you can find various videos on YouTube, which will give some you a partial understanding.)  I am seriously grateful New Year’s Eve is over and I won’t encounter large explosions again until the Fourth of July. I think for the next occasion, I’ll throw some headphones in to get somewhat of a reprieve.

Listening to music helps calm me down in stressful situations.  Luke Bryan’s music has been among my favorites for 2015.  I LOVE his Kill the Lights cd.  It was a lot of fun when I was in Nashville a few months ago to see some of his things in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Luke Bryan display
I had a great time seeing the Luke Bryan display in October…love, love, love his music.

For now, I’m setting up 2016 to be a great year in other ways.

  1. Completing my final semester of my Master’s program in May.
  2.  Sending congratulations to all my friends when their new babies arrive. (Right now, it’s mostly first and third borns due).
  3. Taking our daughter on her first summer vacation to Disneyland.
  4. Finding 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week for “me” time.  I’ve dearly missed my exercise time.
  5. Getting my watercolor tattoo in October.
  6. Writing on a more consistent basis, hopefully once a week.  Maybe no more than two week stretches.

Ok, so none of those are resolutions, just objectives to tackle.  I don’t want to quite on my goals once we roll into February, like I do with resolutions. I’ll keep you all posted.

Warm wishes for the new year, by the way.



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