Honoring WW II Veteran Lucy Coffey

Last week, one of my instructors provided our class with information regarding the passing of Lucy Coffey, America’s oldest female veteran, .  I must admit I am not always as knowledgable about our veteran community as I would like to be, but learning about Lucy Coffey’s service in the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps is interesting.  I hoped I could find her Bronze Star citations.  So far, I’m not coming up with anything, but I’ll keep looking.

The world loses a lot of history with her passing at 108 years of age, which once again reinforces what I’ve discussed about veterans sharing their stories.  We have a very finite amount of time to educate others about who we are, our contributions to our service branches, how our service affects ourselves and lights a path for others to follow.  I hope her story continues to inspires others.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”-George Elliot

Image courtesy of PBS.org
Image courtesy of PBS.org

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