A Year Later: A Veteran’s View of the Pandemic

For months now, I’ve thought about what I would say when we rolled up to our one year pandemic anniversary. We are now almost two weeks beyond that date, but I still feel it’s important to share my perspective. I could write about more about it, but photos best capture the experience.

(Some photos are from my Instagram and photos I previously only shared with friends and family, and a few things are beautiful sentiments shared from others’ Instagram accounts. Last but not least, these are not necessarily in order.)

Nico’s is no longer. Now we have Copper 48. (Gilbert, Arizona)
Show me your books.
Cruise the Zoo (2020)
Home Gym (our newest equipment purchases)
Toilet paper crisis…who knew that would ever be a thing?!
Can we keep the more cautious food handling practices including face masks for restaurant food prep post COVID?
I started off the pandemic with perhaps too much alcohol, and over time, I’ve pared things down a bit. Quality over quantity.
This was one of the tamest displays of dark humor floating around Halloween. Others decorated with mask wearing skeletons.
There was a LOT of Christmas joy for many, leaving others with almost none.
Our year ended on a pretty positive note, adding a little bundle of fluff. He is almost 50lbs. now. German Shepherd mix, possibly part Malinois. LOTS of trouble, and an insane amount of daily cuteness.
O.H.S.O. (One of our few March 2021 outings, this trip was almost a year to the day for our pandemic anniversary.)
I was pretty used to working from home pre-pandemic, and working in some pretty casual attire. I had the opposite problem of some and really worked to add a few dressy items to my wardrobe, excluding the FRIENDS sweater. It was a lovely Christmas gift from our daughter.

Clearly, I don’t go out much other than to get food.


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