I found a wonderfully inspirational story to share with you all this weekend.  Through my Facebook feed, I came across the story of Kirstie Ennis who survived a helo crash in Afghanistan in 2012.  She’s since dealt with a below the knee amputation and more recently lost more of her leg, but her perseverance to be an athlete continues.

As I’m working on my applied project and discovering how difficult it is to compile information for the wounded from my OIF II-II deployment, the courage of her storytelling reminded me to persevere in my own efforts.  I may not have the capability to tell all the aspects of my deployment as I desire but adding my voice to the narratives out there is worthwhile in opening the discourse on deployment roles and the experiences of women in combat zones.

I implore you all to read Kirstie’s story as shared at Glam 4 Good.  Kirstie also has a Facebook page you can follow.

Take care and whatever your struggles are today, keeping looking forward.  You’ve made it past everything else so far.  Keep your chin up and dream big.




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