The Week Ahead: The Marine Corps Birthday & Veterans Day

A meme I came across on Facebook.
A meme I came across on Facebook.

The week ahead will be a busy one.  The Marine Corps’ birthday on Tuesday will certainly disrupt–happily–an already short work week.  Typically, I see Marines ‘vanish’ on this day to celebrate our birthday in official and unofficial capacities. I generally expect a diminished workforce that day because we have so many Marines in my office. Although I have not attended a Marine Corps birthday ball in a number of years, this time of year my Facebook timeline is inundated with ball photos from friends still serving.

And it’s not like the motivation completely ceases once one leaves the Corps.  Some Marine veterans might attend a friend’s unit’s birthday ball as guests or go to a local Marine veteran organization for similar festivitites. Earlier this year, Marine Corps license plates became available in Arizona.  I had the pleasure of seeing one such plate earlier this week. $17 from the fee for this specialty plate goes to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.


Since Veterans’ Day falls the day after, I expect a secondary disruption to the work week.  Please note, I am not complaining!  With everything on my plate for school, I am happy to enjoy a break.  In fact, I benefit greatly from the additional day off of work to complete some school related tasks and spending time with my family.

Currently, I’m studying local veteran courts for my Research Methods class.  As many of my followers know, I’ve looked at different aspects of the veteran community since the start of my graduate program to include unpacking my own combat experiences; art therapy through the use of Guitars for Vets;  and how the Marine Corps’ represents female recruits and Marines via its Facebook page and Marine Corps Enlisted Opportunities Book (MCEOB).  Now, perhaps most importantly, I’m discovering what the veterans’ court does that is absent in other forms of the justice system.

My Veterans’ Day will be spent pulling together the research I’ve compiled for my course and also spreading a message for ‘She Wears Dog Tags’ via the contents of the package pictured below.   Thanks again for all your support.


Unveiling: 11/11/15
Unveiling: 11/11/15

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