A “New” Kind of Beauty Pageant

This weekend, my favorite Marine roommate, Sarah, shared that there is a Ms. Veteran America pageant and the event benefits homeless female veterans and their children. I can’t believe I am just now hearing of this organization. I cannot speak on behalf of all female veterans, but it is scary to face homelessness. When I struggled to find unemployment in 2012, we had more support in place than other female veterans in my position. We spent a total of seventeen months living with my in-laws, but the time period from July 2012 to December 2012 was the most humbling; we ended that year with $500 to our names as we drained our savings in our effort to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Although we still haven’t realized our dreams of homeownership, we are living in an affordable, safe neighborhood that meets many of our needs. Everyone should be so fortunate to have one of their very basic needs, such as housing, met and it’s great to see an organization fighting hard to make that situation more of a reality for some of our hardest hit veterans.

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