Merry Christmas: 2014 Versus 2004

Agritopia Christmas 2014 (My favorite neighborhood in Gilbert, Arizona)
Agritopia Christmas 2014 (My favorite neighborhood in Gilbert, Arizona)
Little Bit and I (Christmas 2014)
Little Bit and I (Christmas 2014)
The Family (Christmas 2014)
The Family (Christmas 2014)

A belated Merry Christmas to you all. I spent yesterday with my family taking family photos. I only get a few opportunities like this a year. My husband does not care to have his photo taken and I learned this year, it seems like this trait comes from his grandmother. She didn’t care for a family photograph during our August visit to Wyoming.

Avery enjoyed her gifts although she did complain about not receiving a remote controlled fairy from Santa Claus. Note: She only mentioned her desire for this present on Sunday when we saw Santa at the San Tan mall. Four days is not enough time to acquire such a gift and as we’ve seen, there aren’t any remote controlled fairies. We did find a (potentially) suitable alternative but Christmas is over. We do not need to cave in to her 4-year-old desires. Unfortunately, she’s been really bratty lately. She won’t nap and it’s turned her into a foul little monster on a number of occasions. We did not put her on the Naughty list, but’s it’s been quite a temptation for me.

I made a lamb bistilla yesterday for dinner; we had ham a few weeks back with my in-laws as they had plans to spend Christmas in Wyoming this year.


We bought Avery a Lucky Fin Project ornament for the first time. She was born with a limb difference and after I became aware of this organization, I’ve been eager to buy her something special to celebrate her difference.



And it’s important to also share where I was 10 years ago for Christmas.  During my first deployment, I was privileged to take an R & R (Rest and Relaxation) trip to Qatar.  In my case, the trip was during Christmas and I’ve included my journal entry from that time period.

Christmas 2004 (Qatar)
Christmas 2004 (Qatar)

Saturday, December 25, 2004
A Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas everyone. I got my Myspace to keep working (for now anyways). I am pretty excited about that. I think I sent hellos out to everyone that would look at their accounts so I love and miss you all. Things are going well here. Kind of strange getting some time off to relax. Can’t begin to tell you how awkward it is to be walking around without a rifle. I feel naked. I also feel strange actually getting to wear civilian clothes.

Right now I am actually in my Christmas attire. I have on a red long sleeve v-neckline blouse and jeans with a matching red choker. I only have sneakers so it’s not as dressy as I would like it to be. Took some photos, which I will try sending out once I leave this place. Yes, Leslie, this is what I was talking about. You will get to see me in cities, it’s what I was saying would be weird for you to see since I am here overseas. No it wasn’t some naked dudes or something like that, I am sure Jon would flip a gasket if they were.

I also have a nice fluffy blue sweater for tomorrow, jeans, sneakers, like today and I get to go out on the town tomorrow to a mall!!! Every girl’s favorite pastime (maybe not, Laura I don’t know if you like shopping or not, you said you hate barbie doll females).

I plan on taking as many photos as possible, which is kind of limited here because of the cultural atmosphere. They aren’t like Americans who snap photos like the crazy tourists we are and they also have a big thing with modesty, hence my two long sleeved shirts even thought it is probably high sixties maybe even low seventies. I don’t know. Will get back to you all later. I love and miss you all. Keep in touch.


Look at all that pretty jewelry....I bought a Full doll instead.
Look at all that pretty jewelry….I bought a Fulla doll instead.

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