Sleep Deprivation, Final Papers, and the Holidays

The end of the semester is almost here. I’ve read papers exploring white privilege and straight privilege. Social reproduction has repeatedly been brought up. I’ve learned about trans resistance and critical witnessing. I’m constantly reminded to check my own biases, values, and privileges. I’ve taught others about ways I’ve been disenfranchised. I am grateful for all I’ve learned, but I’m tired. Right about now I miss my bed more than I can imagine; I could sleep like my peers on the shuttle, but I find it difficult to nap this early in my day. It shouldn’t be difficult given the fact I went to bed shortly after 12:30 last night.

I had one last paper to craft for my Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of Social Pedagogy course. My last bits of research focused heavily on the (inadequate) view that women are not suited to combat and exploring the history context that publicly enforced keeping women out of combat and direct ground combat. Oddly enough, for the 8 pages of quotes and paraphrasing I did, so much of my work didn’t seem as relevant as I sat down to craft my paper. Most of my notes were heavy-handily mean. I blame sleep deprivation, but I know I also came into my final subject bothered by how much the stories of Jessica Lynch and Lynndie England portray a vision of women in service that reinforce these hegemonic views that women do not belong in the military. They are two bad examples and hopefully, as I work to encourage my female peers to share their stories publicly, we make a greater spark that tells the world what we do is important and should be equally valued.

Currently, I have one last paper standing in the way of myself and regaining extra hours in my day and it’s due on Monday. I’m taking tonight off after class to crawl into bed at a decent hour. And by decent, I mean I hope to be in bed between 8:30 and 9. Tomorrow is another day to tackle my assignment; I desperately need some sleep.

Because I’ve been so sleep deprived, my coffee consumption has risen. Thankfully, Starbucks has their Chestnut Praline Latte to keep me going. It’s also been fun to see their stores decorated for the holidays. The one by my house has a very playful atmosphere and the staff there is among the friendliest I’ve seen for Starbucks.
Starbucks Detail

Love the stockings, too.
Love the stockings, too.

And Dutch Bros., whose coffee I like better, has the best lid motivation to keep me going:

Dutch Bros., thank you!
Dutch Bros., thank you!

Although we are a little late getting into the Christmas spirit (our small tree and Christmas goodies are still in storage), we did find a pretty awesome full size tree our hearts are set on acquiring. Our names are on a waiting list and although it’s likely we won’t get the tree until the end of the season, it would be a great addition for next year.

This tree is seriously the best looking artificial tree I've ever seen.  I love how realistic the fake snow is on the branches.
This tree is seriously the best looking artificial tree I’ve ever seen. I love how realistic the fake snow is on the branches.

As well, we keep our hearts open to the idea that we could be the lucky recipients of the Homes on the Homefront home in Chandler. The selection process is suppose to take 4-6 weeks and what a Christmas present it would be to get a home!. I thought about purchasing a fridge on Cyber Monday, because we could always set it aside in storage later if we didn’t get this home and have it ready for a home purchase, but my husband reminded me it’s important to know what size the fridge cutout is before making a purchase. So, no big Cyber Monday savings for me. One of the fridges I liked too was $1,400 off. I might not subsist off of PopTarts if I can save some cash on a fridge; just kidding…I love PopTarts. I’ll always have some in my pantry.

Happy December, everyone.


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