Chandler: Homes on the Homefront

Tonight’s blog entry will be brief. It’s not that I do not care about keeping things up-to-date, but I have a 5-7 page paper due on Thursday and I’m in a position to tackle more prep work for a presentation due on December 1st and two papers due the first week of December as the semester comes to an end.

However, I wanted to share something exciting. Thomas and I have struggled to find viable homeownership opportunities given our reality of being a one-fixed income family with multiple irregular “incomes” courtesy of the VA, which are not recognized as income for the purposes of qualifying for a home mortgage. Recently, we were informed about the Homes on the Homefront organization, which is a partnership to supply donated (i.e. previously bank owned homes) to veterans, mortgage-free. That’s not to say there are no costs involved or requirements to live up to, but this organization is presenting our newest opportunity to potentially step into homeownership.

We applied for a home listed in Chandler and are now awaiting the 4-6 week review process. Below are some photos of this home, address is undisclosed. The home is located in a good school district and would provide a shorter commute for myself and for Thomas once he starts law school. I will be a bit of a nervous mess for the upcoming weeks, but the positive thing is even if we aren’t chosen, another deserving veteran will be and we aren’t out any money as part of this process.

Chandler Home Backyard

Chandler Home Dining Space

Chandler Home Entrance

Chandler Home Exterior

Chandler Home Kitchen

Chandler Home Living Room

Chandler Home Outdoor Space

Chandler Home Side Yard

Chandler Living Room

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