Reconstructing OIF 2-2

When I completed my graduate applied project in May 2016, I had some rough numbers to work with relating to my first tour in Iraq. I was looking at August 13, 2004 to February 25, 2005 data and had great difficulty paring down the information by individual day and the area of Iraq, the Al Anbar Province where I deployed . This page is my next step to clarify what I gathered (below) to build a more accurate representation and reconstruct OIF 2-2 because finding records has been a challenge.

This information will require greater sifting to ensure the greatest transparency possible is made in regard to this period of time, this place, and the people involved.

  • U.S. Service Members (Killed, Specific to the Al Anbar Province)
    • 275 (Source: Military Times Honor the Fallen)
  • U.S. Service Members (Wounded, Not Specific to the Al Anbar Province)
    • 4,936 (Source:
  • Iraqi Civilian Deaths (Specific to the Al Anbar Province)
    • Covers all of August 2004 to all February 2005
    • Source:
      • Coalition-caused: 1,163
      • Anti-government/Anti-coalition: 175
      • Unknown Perpetrators: 72
  • Iraqi Civilian Wounded (Specific to the Al Anbar Province)
    • Not presently available
  • Enemy Forces Killed (Not Specific to the Al Anbar Province)
    • August 2004 to February 2005
      • 4,414
        • Source: USA Today/Marine Corps
        • Accounting for the estimated 1,500 killed August 2004 in Najaf (not located within the Al Anbar Province) puts the true maximum that could have occurred in the Al Anbar province is 2,914.
  • Enemy Forces Wounded (Not Specific to the Al Anbar Province)
    • Source: USA Today
    • 687


After recently completing a FOIA Act request (2018), I was informed there are no unit records for the activity reports I requested. While unit wounded casualty information exists, it cannot be shared due to personally protected information. As a result, I am looking for service members who deployed to this area to hopefully fill in the gaps left by government and determine the true numbers affected and the breakdown of incidents results in injuries. Service members or veterans can email me at with the following information if interested in building clarity on our deployment:

Date of Injury:

Type of Incident:

Location in Iraq (nearest city, or base, if known):

Branch of Service/Rank:


In regard to the Iraqi information, I have some work ahead of me to go back to and see if individual reports date back as far as my deployment.

With respect to our enemy casualties, I will honestly tell you I do not know the likelihood of ever finding proper records.

I will update this page as information comes available and as time permits with my work schedule. Thanks for your patience as I continue this endeavor.



(Last Updated: December 3, 2018)